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Online Live Slave Humiliation

Something that all weak and inferior males like you need on a daily basis is some good old humiliation by a dominant, superior woman. It helps keep you in your place and also exerts the power she has over you. Nothing says I own you like dishing out humiliating tasks or degrading orders to a suffering slave.

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Makes her feel alive. So suck it up bitch, and step into the realm of these live femdom cams Dommes. They are ruthless, heartless and itching to get their claws into a ridiculous, poor excuse for a male like you.
Each of the mean bitches online at this site has the wickedest, most extreme and twisted imaginations you ever thought possible. Honestly, some of the things they think of to humiliate their slaves will blow your mind. They have no feelings towards you or how much you are suffering and if you get to a stage where you are sobbing your eyes out like a big baby and wishing the ground would open up and swallow you, then she knows now is the time to increase the humiliation. They are that severe!

With a wealth of experience behind them, these dominant females and superior women are well equipped to totally and utterly degrade you.
The most popular form is via small penis humiliation. All slaves have tiny cocks or at the very least not big enough to satisfy a proper woman so they love to make you stand with your hands behind your head with your dick hanging in the open show and then launch a brutal tirade of insults and name calling t you. Things like
– Needle dick
– Pin dick
– Small dick loser
– Maggot cock
– Chipolata cock
– 2-inch joke
– 2 pump chump
And anything else that enters their head. Making you measure it against small objects is another thing they like to do. Forcing you to hold up aaa batteries, chipolata sausages, baby carrots or biro lids and then laughing behind their hands and pointing as your cock is dwarfed by these small objects.

Nothing says humiliation like having a gorgeous woman laughing with her hand covering her mouth and pointing at your tiny chubby. Her sadistic laughing will ring in your ears for hours afterwards. Each evil mistress online here knows exactly where to hit a guy the hardest to hurt him the most. And SPH cams is where to do it.
Another humiliation they enjoy inflicting on their poor, suffering slaves in forced feminization. Imagine being forced to dress as a woman. Wear women’s clothing 24/7/ No more male clothes, boxers or jockeys. Nice t-shirts or jeans.

Nope, they will make you wear a pair of stockings, some strappy high heel shoes, frilly panties, a nice puffy dress and make up. Made into the perfect woman, you will be utterly degraded and humiliated as she makes you stand there dressed like a female. Laughing at you and making your curtsey. Or maybe she will make you get on your knees and show how much you like to suck cock? Nothing humiliates a male slave more than being turned in to a cock sucking faggot. Watching as you do so, your cheeks will burn red with shame as you take a dildo in your mouth and give it fellatio.

As she sits watching you, you will pump that big rubber dick in a and out of your slutty mouth until your jaw aches and your throat is sore. All the while she will be calling you a sissy faggot, a cum sucking whore and a cum guzzling queen and laughing hysterically at you. Kneeling on the floor lies a humiliated sissy maid with a big rubber dick in your mouth is about as humiliating as it gets and these mean bitches online will make you suffer it for as long as they see fit.

Our Live Mistresses enjoy bounding the slaves and ensuring the bondage webcams are ready to train the slaves in hogties, cuffs and mummification
Or perhaps they will take things a step further and force some public humiliation on you?

Some Mistresses enjoy making their slaves go to a store or supermarket and buy nothing but ky jelly, cucumber and condoms. Some times they will also make you go to the prettiest cashier they can see and make you have her run the purchases through. She will look at you like you are weird as you stand to squirm with your cheeks burning.

Or maybe they will force you to wear women’s underwear showing over the top of your trousers and then walk around in public? Whatever it is, the imagination of these sadistic Mistress webcam Dommes will know no bounds and when they have an idea for you, you know you will suffer for it!
There are dozens of strict mistresses, teen brat princesses, mature dominas and severe femdom webcam goddesses online right now and they love to dole out ridicule and humiliation to poor, helpless and squirming slaves.

They love to inflict deep humiliation on you and make you suffer. Nothing pleases them more than seeing the look on your face as you are degraded and humiliated. So if you are a submissive male in need of a dominant female, log on now but be prepared to suffer at their hands. We even have some naughty cam sluts live who need to be dominated online.

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